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Avoid the headache of managing your East Texas rental property day in and day out. Chasing down rent payments or handling emergency maintenance keeps you from growing your real estate portfolio.

Contact Marshall Property Group. Our rental property management company in Tyler, TX, takes the stress out of owning rental properties. Not only that - we make it more financially successful for you.

We customize our real estate management services to fit your property, maximizing its potential for growth and profitability.

Contact us and let’s make owning residential real estate more successful.

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Schedule a Rental Property Consultation

Meet with our property managers to chat about your goals and how we can make your investment shine. We’ll create a game plan that helps you navigate the East Texas real estate market with confidence.

Customize Your Management Agreement

Our East Texas property managers craft an agreement that fits your rental property like a glove. It outlines exactly what we do for you and your tenants and what you can expect from us.

Enjoy Stress-Free Property Ownership

From finding tenants to handling repairs, our property managers do it all. Let us take the reins so you can enjoy the perks of property ownership and growing your real estate portfolio.

Property Management Services

For Your East Texas Rental Property

Tenant Screening

We carefully vet potential tenants, checking their backgrounds, credit histories, and rental references. By finding reliable tenants, we aim to avoid late payments and property damage.

Rent Collection

Getting rent on time is crucial for optimizing your property's financial performance. We handle everything from sending invoices to following up on late payments if necessary.

Property Maintenance

Regular inspections and quick fixes mean your property stays attractive to tenants and avoids costly repairs later on. We work with trusted vendors to address maintenance needs.

Administrative Tasks

From recording income and expenses to keeping track of league agreements and tenant communications, our property managers handle administrative tasks thoroughly and efficiently.

Emergency Response

Emergencies can pop up any time. Our property managers are available 24/7 to handle emergencies like burst pipes or power outages. We work hard to keep your rental property and tenants safe.

Eviction Services

Evictions are a last resort, but we handle them professionally and respectfully if needed. We serve eviction notices and aim for a quick and fair resolution.

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Find out how we boost your profits with our professional property management services. We love serving East Texas property owners like you.

Contact our rental management company in Tyler, TX.

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